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Oh. Wow. I'm on Live Journal..again?

Huh. I didn't even know I'd ever come back here. I guess you can take the girl out of Live Journal, but not Live Journal out of the girl :D Haha, you can even cross-post it with facebook. Talk about being connected~
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

Wow rant. I suppose.


Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

My engagement.

I was totally clueless. I guess everyone around me knew, except for me. It was quite a surprise and I am still in shock, here, 24 hours later, with the pretty ring on my finger.

Still, unbelieving that is all not a dream.

It was very magical and romantic, even though it only involved two of us and the scenery. We were doing the garden tours of the Hearst Castle, when we were walking around the pool, slight above this spot. This is the view from a level below.

When our guide stopped to talk about something else, David asked if it were okay to take a picture of the pool from here. The guide pointed him to an alcove, which was directly above the spot where the photo was taken. I went after him because the guide warned us, there might be another group, and we didn't need to get lost.

David asked me to come by and look at the pool, I will be honest, I was rather slightly irritated that he wanted to do something and get lost from the group. I asked him a multiple times why were we standing by the pool and received a reply "Oh nothing, look at the pool isn't it cool?"

That's when he pulled out a ring and asked me if I would marry him. I was so speechless I didn't know how to react to this, what to say so I stared at him and asked "Are you sure?"

Yeah. He was pretty sure.

So, here's the ring.

It has amethyst and blue opals and bitty diamonds in it. I love it. I absolutely love it.
Yeah. I am still totally dazed.
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

Happy Birthday to me.

Those to whom I've not told yet, I am now engaged to David, my wonderful boyfriend - well, fiance now.

he proposed at Hearst Castle, I'll be posting pictures up later.
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world


Losing friends is hard. Especially when you have known this person for a very long time..what? Five? Six years now?

Though it's not been an all of the sudden thing, it's mostly been a gradual thing. I kinda felt bad at first, really angry, upset, but then when hurt settled, I felt at peace.

I will miss a lot of things about you, but I understand you no longer give a fuck and I won't let anyone walk all over me like I'm a fucking door mat.

Do svidanya, my dear.
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

Dramma from my mama

Ugh. Where to start. Okay. So, when I moved out my mom couldn't afford her own apartment so she got a roommate. Everything was fine until recently where my mom was supposed to leave for work, and her roommate left the car blocking my mom's car. So my mom had to call her, and when three hours later she didn't respond, she had to go into her room and get the key to the car so she could move it.

Her roommate wasn't too happy about it, which is understandable, but my mom didn't steal anything from her nor did she damage her car. The next day my mom went to deposit her social security checks to pay for the appartment, guess what? They were gone. When she asked her roomate that woman said that she didn't take anything. It's fine, we called the services had them mail us an affidavit so we can have the checks restored.

Today, mom went to the store, locked and secured the door to make sure it doesn't open by the wind or anything - came back, the door is wide open. Someone must have gone into her room while she wasn't there. Who knows what they were looking for or doing in there.

On top of everything this bitch hasn't paid my mom her half of the rent. So all the bills and the rent everything has been unpaid. Needless to say my mom threw her out.

I am glad she did. Perhaps she'll get a better roommate.
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

Work out community.

This is for everyone who ever wished they had some sort of a track progress community. If you're trying to get healthier, add work out into your daily routine, be motivated and encouraged to continue to work out even though it is hard, then please, join this community. Post your work out goal - for example, I want to loose 15 pounds by end of june. Then by using tags of your username, keep track of every entry on the community.

If you know anyone who'd like to loose some weight, advise them to join too. I made that place mainly so it could be a network of friends, rather than a community of strangers where people don't know each other.

This community is hopefully going to stay relatively small, where we could do weekly, monthly readings of goal achievements. NO goal is too small. Ever. Even if it's a pound of stubborn fat you wish to loose, go ahead and join anyway.

So yes, please come, hang out, share recipes, advice and work out plans :D

Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

I'm rather late..

But all I have to say that so far this season of 24 has been the best season ever.
I also have a very largely impending feeling of doom where something is telling me, Jack is just not going to make it past this season.

Oh, Jack -_-


Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

SOOO very close.

Oooh, so close.
So. Very close.

I am slipping. By the fingernail I am slipping.

Though it is a bit strange,
I kinda like it.

Becoming it is different from thinking it.
Where do I stop?
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world

Soup for the soul.

I've not known what to do with myself for quite a while so I started playing Harvest Moon.

I found out video games do a really good job to keep you from thinking about things you don't want to think about.

I've been on a photo binge, taking pictures of EVERYTHING I see. Taking pictures channels my creativity into the right mood, so it doesn't fester into depression. I've realized with my photography I'm not looking for cool things or awesome things to take a picture of. I take pictures to collect memories and identify feelings. So I am taking pictures of everything I see. What will come of it, I do knot know. Probably nothing.

I've I have no goal in life. I am a nomad, I go from one place to another, shifting like the wind. Heh. I like that idea, I guess.

Sometimes I wake up feeling that much sharper and closer to that point where things become clear, but that feeling is only moments long and then I cannot tell my head from the wall again. It's a bit strange. I find that my apartment reflects exactly how I feel on the inside.

It's a mess. There are rodents living in it. Well. One rodent. My white rabbit. It is not well lit and sometimes a little weird. I am a chaos. Structure bothers me. It burns me out, though I know I need it for survival, but I am much better at spontaneous destruction than I am at throughout building. There's a lot of energy flowing around in these walls, sometimes it'll crash land into me and I do not know what to do with myself, since I cannot sleep as the energy demands release and I don't know how. It is a very strange feeling.

It's like being high on sugar. Then crashing. Then coma.

I have a feeling that bad things happen to people because you miss all you green lights. Every day the universe lines up good things for you, and if you manage to wake up at the wrong hour, you'll miss all those good things. I am looking for my groove to have all those loops that solve everything come my way. That way I can just spontaneously combust and burn.

Burn like a gasoline explosion.

Then suddenly die, returning the energy to the black, cold void.

The end.
Mark my words, one day Bunnies will take over the world


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